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06 May 2013 @ 12:59 am
posting this for kayla  
its unbetaed but shes impatient so her eyou go also if you wanna read the rest of this fic before reading this you can find it on my fanfiction net-http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9236375/1/Break-The-Curse-Of-This-Earth

Chapter 9

A/N:I spoil you people don't I? :3

Subaru was still unconscious in the hospital wing with three visitors around his bed. Hokuto and Kamui were excused from all of their classes for the rest of the day. "You see! This is what you get for being so trusting! I've warned you Subaru! We can't protect you forever!" She broke down crying into Kamui's chest. Kamui was crying too but trying to(and failing) to hide it. He knew it was selfish but he wished Fuuma was there,he'd kill to be in the comfort of his arms. He turned his violet eyes across from him. Seishirou was holding one of Subaru's hands in his own. Kamui was going to say he was crying but he passed it off as a trick of his own blurred vision. Then again,he was covered in Subaru's blood from carrying him here,maybe Kamui was wrong about the older teen. He was missing classes and in his N.E.W.T year too and he hadn't moved from that spot since Kamui and Hokuto had arrived.

When nightfall arrived the three of them were shooed to go back to their common rooms. Subaru received three kisses to his forehead(although he was still knocked out and unaware he received them) before they parted. They walked towards the grand stair case in complete silence. Hokuto bid them both goodnight before walking up the staircase alone towards the Gryffindor common room. That left Kamui alone with Seishirou to walk back to their own common room. It was awkward,Kamui had never been this close to elder teen before,at least not alone. Usually Seishirou was heading out of the common room when Kamui went down. Every other time he was around him,Subaru was attached to him like a bee on honey. Kamui clenched his fists as he walked,if he ever found out who did this to Subaru,he'd hurt them,badly. When they got to the bottom of the stairs Kamui found a surprise waiting for him,Fuuma. Kamui broke into a run and all but leapt into his boyfriend's embrace. He wished they could stay all night like that but he knew they had to get back to their own common rooms.

After calming Kamui down the best he could Fuuma pulled away from him and turned his attention instead on his older brother. His brother was walking down the steps as if in a trance,his gaze was set and he overall looked out of it. Now that Kamui thought of it he didn't know how the boy was functioning. While the three of them were in the hospital wing a teacher had brought them up a tray of food. Kamui and Hokuto ate,Seishirou didn't he just held Subaru's hand.

Fumma reached his brother and hugged him as well. That seemed to wake the teen up a bit as he awkwardly hugged his baby brother back. "Seishirou..you need to snap out of robot mode before you get yourself killed." "I'm fine,I'm just heading back to the common room to go to bed." He pulled away from his brother and gave him that smile before heading to the Slytherin common room. Before Kamui could follow suit he felt a pair of arms  encircle his waist. "Keep an eye on him,if there's one thing my brother's good at its pretending he's fine when he's not." He parted Kamui's side with a goodnight kiss before taking off for the Hufflepuff common room. Kamui had to break into a sprint to catch up with Seishirou's long strides. They ended up reaching the entrance to the common room together(although Kamui was  slightly out of breath.) "Ah Sakurazuka,how's Sumeragi? I hear someone ruthlessly attacked him and he did nothing to defend himself." Kamui's eyes widened as the words registered in his brain. "..Did..you hurt my brother Fei?" His fingers were tightening around his wand as he spoke but before he had time to think of a spell Fei Wang had his wand pointed at him. "If I am? You think I'll let another fifth year humiliate me? I don't think so."  "Expelliarmus!" Fei Wang's wand went spring through the common room.  Kamui's eyes widened,had Seishirou just saved him? Even though Kamui was always making death threats to him?"That's what you did to Subaru wasn't it? Let's see how you like fighting with no wand. You honestly thought what I did to you down there was your punishment? Hardly. I should do to you exactly as you did to him. You used Sectumsempra and the Cruciatas curse on him right? I can very easily do that to you." Kamui stood in the corner horrified,Seishirou's eyes were usually warm and inviting but they were now cold as ice. He watched as he raised his wand and spoke the incantation. "Crucio!" Kamui read once that to perform the unforgivable curses you had to MEAN them. So either Seishirou had no heart or Subaru was the only reason the man's heart beat.  He kept him under the torture curse for about five minutes before releasing it. "How's it feel you son of a bitch?" "If anyone's a son of a bitch…it's you Sakurazuka." Seishirou grinned lightly. "I know my mother's a bitch,no need to remind me. Sectumsempra!" The blades cut through the other male splattering blood on the stone floor. "Don't worry,I won't let that kill you,I'm going to make sure to snuff you out permanently,I just wanted to play with you for a bit." He muttered a few incantations under his breath to reverse the blood loss. "I hope you like green because it's the last thing you're going to see." At this Kamui's eyes widened. He ran over and grabbed Seishirou by his arm. "I know he's a jerk and deserves it but if you do that you'll be expelled! Subaru wouldn't want that! He'd blame himself for you not being able to graduate from Hogwarts! You're his most important person and I know he's yours!" Kamui prayed to the heaven's that he got through to him. He swore he saw Seishirou's eyes turn softer. "I should take that as a compliment." He turned again to Fei Wang. "You should be Kamui's slave for life,he just saved your pathetic hide,but heed my warning,if you ever touch Subaru again,I will wait until I am out of here and I will find you and i will end you."  He stepped over the man and walked to the door that lead to his dormitory. Kamui gave his brother's attacked a few measured kicks before heading for his own dormitory. "Maybe he's not so bad after all,he clearly loves Subaru and Subaru loves him. I know what that feels like now Subaru and now I know why you were always on cloud nine. Just please wake up safe and sound."


Subaru awoke the next morning to his sister,brother and boyfriend. He had to wear a special patch over his eye for a week to heal the cursed cut.  "Now you can be a pirate Subaru!" Hokuto teased,now that her brother was okay she was back to herself. Kamui smiled as well."WIll you be in class today?" "I don't see why not,he may need help getting to them though."  Subaru felt a pair of lips touch his cheek and a voice in his ear. "Don't scare me like that you hear me?" Blushing bright red he reached down and grabbed his boyfriend's hand and squeezed it. "I'm sorry for making you worry."  "Well I can see where this is going,come on Kamui if you're meeting your own boyfriend before Transfiguration we need to move it. See you in Herbology Subaru!"  With his siblings gone that left him alone with his boyfriend. "I'm not keeping you out of class am I?" A kiss to the hand this time. "No,free period." Subaru smiled in relief he didn't want anyone fussing over him.

But apparently people were going to fuss with him until his eyepatch was removed. Twice he tried to walk without help but that resulted in him going into a wall and Seishirou scooping him up and carrying him the rest of the way,Subaru protesting the whole time. So between Fuuma,Kamui,Hokuto,and Seishirou he got around. If they were around Fay,Kurogane,Touya or Yukito would help. Fay's main focus was Yuui though,he still hadn't been able to corner his brother for a proper chat. He seemed to be avoiding them and the great hall when he could. The ball was coming up though so he couldn't avoid that. "Watanuki just ask him already!" "WHY WOULD I ASK HIM?!" "Because you like him! I'm never wrong I was right about my brothers wasn't I?" "BUT I'M NOT YOUR BROTHER AND BESIDES THIS IS DOUMEKI,WHY WOULD I WANT TO GO WITH HIM!" "Well fine be the only one without a date!" Hokuto pouted and walked off leaving the boy standing and confused. Now that he thought about it,he really didn't want to be alone. Kurogane and Fay and Touya and Yukito had been dating since he started school here more or less. Seishirou and Subaru hit it off in the beginning of the year but you would swear it was a life time. Then there was Kamui and Fuuma who just recently got together. He looked over at his fellow fourth year and yeah Doumeki had some good qualities about him. He was good at quidditch and he was smart but did he have to eat everything in sight all the time? And be a know it all all the time. Watanuki fumed and wracked up his courage. "Hey you,you feel like going to the ball with me?"

A/N: HAHAHAHA UNTIL NEXT TIME! Hope you enjoyed!