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13 May 2013 @ 11:52 am
for kayla again  
Chapter 13 of break the curse of this earth UNBETATED

Chapter 13

Everyone was settled into their common rooms. Subaru sat on his bed with his knees curled to his chest. He felt so horrible for what had happened to Seishirou and Fuuma's little sister.. His other fifth years(Fuuma included) where still in the common room. Subaru alone had ventured to the fifth year dormitories. He heard the door open but didn't bother to look up. He peaked when he felt the end of his bed sink down. "Still hiding from me?"  Subaru looked up to see Fuuma sitting at the end of his bed. "How'd  you know I was hiding from you?" At this Fuuma laughed. "Let me see my elder brother is Seishirou Sakurazuka and my best friend is Kurogane Suwa,hanging around two people like that all the time will give you a sharp instinct for noticing small details."

Fuuma paused for a minute before speaking again. "Look,yes we both loved our sister very much. She was always following both of us around. When he was leaving for his first term,she wouldn't let go of his leg,took me and dad to pry her off. While he was gone she stayed in my room almost all day playing with me while our parents were at work.She was one of a kind. I won't lie to you her death hit the whole family,minus my mother,hard. My dad became afraid of his now ex-wife and his eldest child. It became hard for me to crack joke and I debated if I would go to Hogwarts if I got my letter. Of course my father made me go anyways. As for Seishirou,it tore him apart and he became a different person. He was already a prodigy with a wand and his magic even at that age,he learnt fast. I had to hold him back to stop him from getting in trouble with the Ministry of Magic and getting himself killed. I had already lost my baby sister,I didn't want to lose my big brother too. He became cold,emotionless,grew to hate Christmas,hence why the house wasn't as decorated as mine when you went to see him He dumped the girl he was 'dating'.  I think he just did it to get the girl to leave him alone. He wrote home a few times,sometimes to our parents to give reports that he was staying out of trouble,sometimes to me and Kotori to tell us about Hogwarts and about this annoying girl that WOULD NOT leave him alone until he agreed to date her. Of course she was a third year and as talented as Seishirou was,he didn't stand a chance of dueling a third year and winning. So as horrible as it sounds when our sister died,he told the girl he wasn't emotionally stable to keep seeing her. I don't think they ever kissed,hell I don't even know if they held hands. He certainly didn't brag about her like he does with you." Subaru blushed at knowing this information,what exactly did Seishirou say about him.

Another pause as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "Look Subaru,I know you were worried about not being good enough,but I've known my brother all my life,I know what he was like when he was a kid,a silly,happy,hell raising,toy stealing terror. After Kotori's death he wasn't like that anymore,he was cold,dark and all that mattered to him was school and becoming stronger. Granted I didn't see much of him during that time,thanks to us living apart and him being in Hogwarts. What I do know is from the time he met you until now,he's changed. You brought out his soft side and once again gave him something he can protect." "Doesn't he want to protect you too?" A smile this time. "Of course he does,but he can't love me the way he loves you now can he? Nor would I want him to,quite happy with Kamui. Speaking of,I found my strength when I moved away and met Kamui. Subaru,you became my brother's strength and determination.Don't forget that and the two of you will be just fine."

He pulled a photo out of his robes. "See this is the three of us on Christmas Eve,only picture I have of the three of us. I duplicated it so one day,you can give it to Seishirou." Subaru looked down at the wizard photo,the three of them looked so happy. Subaru managed to laugh. "You mean he used to be taller than you?" "Yep,that changed when I turned thirteen,surely you noticed that?" Subaru shook his head. "I was always afraid of him catching me staring at him." Fuuma decided not to tell him that Seishirou had known and was determined to make Subaru his. "Well we have Potions first period and I am not looking forward to it,damned essay." "Didn't you finish it?" "No and since Seishirou's mind was in a daze thinking of you going over there,he refused to help me." Fuuma went over to his own bed pulled to drapes over it so he could get changed. Subaru grinned and and flopped onto his bed. He felt a little bit better and couldn't wait to see Seishirou in the morning.


(beware  the angst)

Due to his busy schedule first day back of second term,Subaru hadn't managed to see Seishirou at all during the day. Right now he was on prefect duties,making sure fourth years and under weren't in the corridors this late. Fifth years had another hour before having to turn in. Subaru sighed,he knew Seishirou was busy up in the library studying,it was his last year so the spells were getting trickier. He wasn't expected however to be grabbed and have a hand placed over his mouth. He could feel himself being dragged but he wasn't sure where. He knew they were still on the seventh floor and then it came to realization of where they were heading,The Room Of Requirement. Thrice did his abductor walk past the wall and then he felt himself thrown in. He hit a cold floor,the room was a lot different then when him and Seishirou had snuck a few hours alone in here.  He could feel the throbbing in his knees from how he hit the floor. He couldn't be bother to get up at all. "You're a coward you know that Fei?"  Subaru instantly tensed up,he had been captured by that psycho again,he wasn't alone this time though.  "Not a coward,just teaching Hufflepuffs a lesson,that they are no where near deserving of dating anyone in Slytherin house."  A sarcastic laugh. "Yeah okay keep telling yourself that,not all Hufflepuffs are meek and I'm one. I swear if I had my wand,I wouldn't waste time with spells I'd shove it so far up your--" "Ah I see my underlings brought our other guest I mentioned."  "Subaru?! You sick twisted asschined jerk off,leave him alone,he didn't cause you nearly as much trouble as I did." "Oh but he stood up to me and besides,there's someone who caused me more trouble than both of you. Someone who dared to threaten my life."  "You're using me and Subaru as bait for my older brother aren't you?" "You're smart for someone so young." Fei ran his finger down the side of Fuuma's face. "Don't make me bite you,you're lucky you have my body binded or I WOULD PUNCH YOU. Keep your disgusting hands to yourself. Oh how I wish I had my wand,I could summon my beater's bat in here and beat the shit out of you. My brother's stronger with a wand but I'm physically stronger than him,just try me you..sick…"

"Oppugno!" Apparently choosing to ignore Subaru was a  big mistake as several white bird like creatures came flying in like bullets. "Usually that spell is learnt in the sixth year,how do you know it already?" "I have a boyfriend whose in the same year as you but with four times the brains and ten times the looks,if you want a duel I'll give you one,I can't promise it will end in your favor. I won't let you hurt his baby brother,i won't let you send him down the emotionless path again,I WONT!"  "Very well child,i'll duel you,after all I gave him." He nodded his head over in Fuuma's direction. "A fighting chance as well." "Fighting chance your double ass, you had like five guys on me! Subaru! Be careful! He'll do anything to win!" Subaru looked at his opponent,his green eyes burning with rage. "I don't plan on letting him win." What the young boy didn't know is there was about four other gang members closing in on him. "Let's begin then."


Despite it being around eight-thirty at night there was a student running through Hogwarts at an alarming rate. From the seventh floor all way down to the dungeons of the Slytherin common room,only to have to go back up towards the third floor. "Goddamnit,this guy shows up when it's conviennt for him but when you want to find him it's impossible." Finally he thumped into the library and got lectured for barging in so noisily. "MR. FLOURITE! THIS IS A LIBRARY! FIVE POINTS FROM SLYTHERIN!" Yuui straightened up. "I don't care about that! Is Seishirou Sakurazuka in here?" "Yes he's in the restricted section." "Thanks!" Sure enough Seishirou was in the restricted section poking through some of the more gruesome potion books.  "Seishirou!" "Oh hello Yuui,do you happen to need the book I'm reading?" "No! You need to go to the room of requirement and think you want it to become the Snake-Bats' hiding place! Fei has.." Yuui swallowed. "He has your brother there…Subaru too." SLAM. The book shut with a dust cloud emerging from it. "What do you mean Fei has Fuuma and Subaru? More like how do you KNOW? Did  you lead Subaru there again?" The dark haired male narrowed his amber eyes at Yuui.. "NO! I..backed out of tonights attack,I was only helping them because he said he'd attack Fay!" "Who could handle himself,he's equally matched in magic skill level,Subaru and Fuuma are two years behind. You want to redeem yourself? Go to the common room and get Kamui, maybe get your brother too so there will be someone there to get that jackass expelled." Without another word he took off and headed for the seventh floor.


"Impedimenta!" "Protego!" "Always with the shield charms aren't you Sumeragi? Everyone together,his shield charm is good,but he can't withstand six jinxes at once." This turned out to be true as the force of all six spells sent Subaru hurtling back. Surprisingly he hit a soft surface. "Five against one? Let's even the odds shall we?"  "Seishirou?" "Yes Subaru it's me." A pause he turned to face Fei. "Well Fei what will you do? You have three seventh years,a sixth year and three fifth years read to duel your gang." Subaru looked around, behind Seishirou was Fay,Yuui,Kurogane,Kamui and Hokuto. "So Yuui,you're the reason they found this place." "I am and I can say I quit your stupid gang,I was stupid to think you could be trusted." "Maybe however Sakurazuka you're wrong,your lover boy and brother are in no condition to duel."  Fay narrowed his blue eyes before speaking. "He's right,unfortunately, Subaru's knees are bleeding and he doesn't look like he has the energy to deal with this. Your brother's pretty banged up too."  "Unbind my brother Fei and I may just go easy on you. Give him back his wand." "Whatever you say." Fuuma landed with a hard thud to the floor when he was released.  He had a few cuts on his face and arms and had a few bruises.As soon as his wand was in his hand however."Accio Beater's Club!" With moments the small,but lethal bat landed in his hand. "What on earth are you going to do with that?" "SHUT UP! I don't like to be used as bait okay?"  CRACK! The bat connected with Fei's knee. "I'm done,he's all yours brother." With his brother's and Kamui's help Fuuma was resting in the back,where Subaru was.

"You five can pick and choose your opponents,they're all crappy spell casters,but HIM he's mine. I made a promise the last time I dueled with him and I plan on keeping it." At this statement Kamui's eyes widened,he alone out of their little "group" knew what that promise was. When the duel actually began it was crazy how many different curses were seen going this way and that way. Fay had brought down his opponent with a simple,but well aimed body bind spell. "OH NO YOU DIDN'T TRY TO TORTURE MY BOYFRIEND! Stupedfy!" "Idiot I was just going to do that." "Sorry Kuro-rin,my wand hand is faster than yours." The two of them backed up into each other looking around to see if their friends needed help. "Incendio!" Yuui's spell caught his opponents robes on fire and they ran out and didn't seem to want to come back. "Rictusempra!" In the back Fuuma laughed at Kamui's choice of spells. Hokuto weaved and ducked her way around spells that a large girl was hurling at her. "My my you dare try to damage me? Well take this! Furnunculus!" A bunch of boils emerged on the girl's face and she(like Yuui's opponent) took of running.

The five of them gathered together. "Think we should help Seishirou?" Yuui looked over at where Fei and Seishirou were sending spell after spell at each other(although for the most part they just about missed Seishirou). "No,he said the ass was his,so let him be." Kurogane looked at the remaining four gang members. Two stunned,one paralyzed,one suffering from the tickle curse. "Well let's go we need to get the fifth years back in bed and then get these guys to the headmaster for explosion." Fay cricked his neck as Kamui ran over to Fuuma at last and lightly brushed his lips against the taller man's. "I'm fine Kamui,I've looked worse after a Quidditch match." "Fuuma?" Kamui was helping the boy to stand,Hokuto was trying(and failing) to make Subaru get up,he was staying until Seishirou came back. "What is it Kamui?" "Your brother really wouldn't kill someone would he?" Fuuma hesitated. "Depends why?" "He said if Fei Wang ever touched Subaru again,he'd end him."  "This is bad I need to stay then." "If you're staying I am!" Kamui looked up with his violet eyes at Fuuma's cut face. "If both my brothers are staying so am I." That left Fay,Kurogane and Yuui to bring the gang members they brought down to the hospital wing and then to inform the headmaster."Just try to be in bed soon? I'll inform the headmaster of what's going on." Fay looked at his younger friends before(along with Kurogane and Yuu) raising his wand and using it to levitate the four members incapable of moving.


"I knew you had no heart Sakurazuka,the way you fling unforgivable curses around,a true Slytherin indeed,who knows maybe your mother is a decedent of the Dark Lord." "Riddle is dead,has been for over twenty-five years,and even if she is,my mother has no influence to me. You remind me so of her,hurting innocent people for no reason. However there is one thing you got right." He paused taking his glasses off and pocketing them. "I'm a Sakurazuka,so i don't know or care to know about emotions,so when I kill you I won't laugh,I won't regret it,I'll just feel..nothing."

"Oh no..this is how he was when Kotori died,only this time he's worse..I won't be able to stop him I don't think but I'll try,he is my brother." Kamui didn't bother questioning who Kotori was he just made Fuuma sit. "You can barely walk! You can't go over there! You'll get killed!" Subaru forced himself to stand up. "I too made a promise,I won't let him loose his heart." "Stupedfy!" Fei Wang fell from Subaru's stun  spell. He looked up at his boyfriend.Seishirou's smile was twisted into a maniacal smirk. His warm eyes were as cold as ice.  He was almost scared of him. Almost,but not quite,remembering Fuuma's words he touched Seishirou's arm."Sei-kun…? You have to come back,I can't be with you if you don't come back. I'm selfish i know,I need you here!" He clung onto his boyfriend and sobbed ."Sei-kun,you told me once you wanted to be with me forever,I feel the same way so please…" He gripped Seishirou's robes by the front and stood on tip-toe to properly kiss the man he loved. The tears were still streaming down his face and for a bit nothing,just his soft,cut lips against Seishirou's. Subaru refused to back down,in the back of his mind he remembered what Fuuma had told him. 'You became my brother's strength and determination,don't forget that and you two will be fine.' If that alone wasn't enough to motivate him,memories of New Year's came flooding back. The way they said I love you,the feeling of being together as one person and then sleeping embraced in Seishirou's strong,but gentle grip. For all of these reasons,Subaru refused to let go of Seishirou,he refused to quit,just like he refused to let him get kicked out of Hogwarts,especially now that he knew how gift Seishirou was with a wand.Finally Subaru felt a slight pressure against his lips as he was kissed back. Subaru smiled into the kiss and moved his arms around Seishirou's neck as Seishirou's arms went to Subaru's lithe waist.  Kamui and Fuuma looked away from their brothers and instead at each other. "Don't you two start making out to,i'm only letting this continue because he was trying to save Seishirou from himself,us fifth years need to get to our common rooms." Both Fuuma and Kamui laughed softly at Hokuto's comment.  When Subaru pulled away from Seishirou he looked breathless into the man's eyes. "Welcome back." Subaru smiled softly up at him as he spoke. A hand reached over and brushed through Subaru's hair. "You're really kind,you know that my Subaru?"  "I love when you call me your Subaru."  "Alright you two,we need to get to our common rooms before we get in trouble! So move it!" Once again laughter,Hokuto was so straight and to the point. "In all fairness Hokuto,your common room is right down the hall,its the four of us that have to go all the way down stairs." Hokuto stuck out her chest and pouted. "You win this round Fuuma! The two of you better make sure my brothers get their safely."  They walked with Hokuto to the portrait of the Fat Lady.  They all plugged their ears as she gave the password. When they saw the portrait swing open,they unplugged their ears and wished her goodnight.

The four of them walked down the staircase towards their common rooms. Fuuma was half leaning on Kamui,which all and all was an amusing sight considering their height difference. Subaru had a hold of Seishirou's hand and refused to let go. He was so scared of losing him. As he looked in front of him he saw how close his brother had become attached to Fuuma in such a short period of time. Maybe it was a heridtory thing that Seishirou and Fuuma shared. They were sweet,kind,caring,and protective,but once you were involved there was no getting out. Not that Subaru particularly cared. "Seishirou?" Subaru's voice was just above a whisper,he didn't need his or Seishirou's brother hearing what was said. "What is it?" "Is there anyway I can know for certain that you're never going to slip away from me?"  Seishirou raised his free hand to lip and tapped lightly. "There is,but that's for another time and place."

A/N: DAMN THIS TOOK FOREVER. Now asschin is out of SCHOOL  but don't think he won't plot a revenge when they're all out! Also regarding Seishirou's last line,any guesses? SEE YOU NEXT TIME!